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European Congress on the Future of Waste Management in Europe 2002


The International Congress on Waste Management 2002 generates information on innovative solutions that can contribute in the short-term to the development and implementation of improved policy, legislative and regulatory measures for an environmentally friendly treatment of waste, both at EU and national levels. It will support pre-normative research, which is widely recognised in many areas of economic and industrial domains, and is specially relevant regarding the protection of our limited natural resources, where standards are often necessary to remove barriers blocking the development and diffusion of emerging technologies. The conference provides the unique opportunity of an exchange of views between Europe's leading experts in the field of waste management. International exchange of ideas and opinions in the field of waste management will contribute to the development and application of the most useful and efficient methods.

Nature and resources will benefit from the progress made in this field. Therefore technologies that provide state of the art solutions for problems like building wastes, transport, recovery treament and disposal of hazardous wastes, landfill and recycling etc. are a highly efficient tool in the struggle for a healthier environment and a more sustainable economic development. The European Congress in 2002 in Strasbourg is committed to pointing out and discussing the different approaches to waste treatment of various European nations. State of the art techniques are compared on examples. Mechanical-biological and thermal treatment as well as landfill need very high technical standards to be able to call for comparable ecological standards. The GVC/DECHEMA expert committee sees itself as a brokerage of problem solutions where results of research, proceedings and processes can be assessed and where new initiatives can grow.

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Type of Event: Large Conference
This Event Takes Place In Strasbourg


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