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6th International meeting on Ribonucleases


6th International Meeting on Ribonucleases Pancreatic ribonuclease, the focus of highly productive scientific research for more than a half a century is the only enzyme to be the basis for four Nobel prizes. There is now resurgence in interest in this superfamily since members have functions ranging from tumour growth and inhibition to self -recognition and neurotoxicity. The proposed 6th International meeting on ribonucleases aims at gathering scientists from various parts of the World with an aim to stimulate interest, provide an overview, and discuss the future prospects into research on ribonucleases. In this context, we are grateful to the organisers of previous five international meetings on this topic (held every three years in different parts of the World) who share our conviction that the ribonucleases are important biological modulators that deserve the attention of the scientific community. We are hopeful about the active participation of the many ribonucleologists who have significant stories to relate in the meeting that we are intending to host in Bath (UK) from 19-23 June 2002. The meeting will certainly provide a forum for all those who have contributed to the field to discuss the functional diversity of ribonucleases.

The programme content would involve six broad topics and should cover more or less all aspects of the fertile field of ribonucleases. They are:
1. Function/s of Ribonucleases in health and disease.
2. Structure and mechanism of Ribonucleases.
3. Ribonuclease stability and folding.
4. RNA degradation and processing.
5. Applications of Ribonucleases.
6. Emerging Ribonucleases, evolution and genomics.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Bath

United Kingdom