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The Fifth ULLA Summer School for Postgraduate Training and Research aims to implement a united research network amongst young academics of pharmacy throughout Europe. By bringing young researchers and proven experts together for training and development courses ULLA recognises that European research strengths and pharmaceutical industries alike will be furnished with capable and accomplished experts.The Summer School will adhere to the auspices of the European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Research (ULLA).

Comprised of the pharmaceutical departments of six European universities (in the case of London, the event host, the School of Pharmacy is an independent specialist institution of the federal University of London) ULLA provides considerable expertise in assessing the needs of the pharmaceutical sciences. In general, a united European Summer School specialising in the pharmaceutical sciences provides the opportunity to disseminate rapid advancements taking place in research techniques. It will also strengthen relations between academia and industry within the Community.

Altogether, 120 young researchers will attend the Summer School: 90 participants will be active research/PhD students from the participating ULLA institutions, while 30 places will be reserved for both research/PhD students from other European universities and young researchers from industry. (NB. Young researchers from non-ULLA institutions and from industry will be self-funded.) Due to maximum participation levels of the scheduled course programme, the Summer School can accept no more than 120 participants. Up to 77 experts from both academia and industry will participate as instructors.

Advanced publicity, in the form of a booklet detailing the aims of the ULLA Summer School and containing details of the courses, will be circulated to ULLA institutions, non-ULLA institutions and industry. At present, the event is well publicised to research students attending ULLA institutions. The booklet, in addition to the website, will encourage participation from those outside of ULLA. An announcement for the Summer School has recently been publicised in the Pharmacy Education journal, as well.The multidisciplinary nature of the pharmaceutical sciences makes great demand on the body of teachers developing a course programme.

The scientific, pedagogic and administrative resources of the ULLA Consortium provide a solid basis to meet with these demands, as well as to improve transnational cooperation on advanced teaching and research. In addition, experts from other universities and from pharmaceutical industries will be invited to give lectures to further improve the standard of the course programme. The Summer School will take place in London, UK, from 21 August 2001 - September 2001.

The course programme features a series of 1-2 day courses in topics such as drug design and analysis, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, gene therapy, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, as well as dealing with aspects of social pharmacy. The emphasis will be to provide courses at the 'enabling', 'general' and 'advanced' level in order to facilitate optimum individual development, whilst at the same time buttressing research networks with practical methodological techniques.

In addition, one day will be devoted to poster presentations by the PhD students on aspects of their own research, and a symposium on 'Non-viral Gene Delivery'. The ULLA Consortium seeks an equal participation of female and male young researchers and lecturers/instructors. In the present proposal we are asking for the maximum funding for the event (50,000 EUR). The remaining cost of the event will be covered by industrial support."

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