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EPS-2002 is Europe's only broad based multibranch physics conference. It brings together about 600 physicists from all over Europe. Leading scientists in their own fields take the time to explain to their colleagues from other branches the state of the art in physics research. Fields covered reflect some of physics' hottest topics. Plenary sessions are devoted to topics of general interest. Each of the fifteen Divisions and Groups of the European Physical Society (EPS) will organise parallel sessions.

The fact that EPS unifies physical societies of 36 European Nations that, along with Divisions, Groups and Sections make suggestions for Keynote Lecturers ensures a proper representation of the most significant scientific results in the Conference Programme.

Presentations will probably include the following topics:

- Double Heterostructures;
- Preferential growth and scaling in network systems;
- Nanostructures, Information technologies in physics;
- Electrically conducting polymers;
- Photonic crystals;
- Inorganic/biological interfaces;
- The nature of space and time;
- The Higgs-boson; Localisation of light;
- Chaos synchronisation; Magnet technology in the age of superconductivity;
- Percolation and social models;
- Fundamental forces;
- Modelling social behaviour on computers;
- Simulation of earthquakes;
- The origin of cosmic rays;
- Nuclear waste transmutation and accelerator driven systems for energy production, etc.

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