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The aim of this project is to carry out two high level conferences, "Transport and Dynamics in Complex Electronic Materials", in Porto, Portugal, 2001, and "Spin and Charge Transport in Nanostructures", in Braga, Portugal, 2003. The purpose is to review some of the major sources of complex electronic behaviour both in conventional bulk systems, in nanostructures, and biological materials.

This programme intends to increase awareness of the new problems and challenges brought by increasingly sophisticated experimental methods (improved energy and time resolution, artificial nanostrucuturing, atomic scale microscopy and manipulation) in the perspective of the quantum behaviour of the electronic system, and its manifestations in a variety of materials, including biological systems. The target audience is young researchers (PhDs and post-docs) that we hope to attract to this exciting and timely field.

The two events are well related to each other. Topics for first event are heavy fermions and manganites, mesoscopics, disorder and quantum Hall effect, transport and magnetic properties in nanostructures and low dimensional systems. These topics were chosen in view of their importance in the characterization of complex electronic behavior and relevance to the understanding of mesoscopic and nano-structured materials.

The second event, more specific, will focus on the excitations in both electronic devices and biomaterials, in particular in DNA, hopefully resulting in insight into their relationship to structure and function. Topics for the second event are transport in meso and nanoscopic systems, electronic properties of carbon nanotubes, miniaturization and electronic devices, electronic structure, charge migration, transport, electronic interactions, spectroscopy, thermal and magnetic properties of DNA. Both Conferences will last 5 days (Monday through Friday). The core of each of the conferences consists of about 20 state of the art reviews given by recognized international experts. Part of the afternoons will be dedicated to discussions, poster sessions. There will also be shorter (20 minutes) contributed talks.

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