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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Fusion diagnostics


The conference will focus on future diagnostic requirements for fusion energy research and will emphasise advanced diagnostics, new techniques and areas where further progress is required. A principle aim will be to bring together experts from the magnetic and inertial confinement programs to stimulate ideas and establish links between researchers in both fields. This will provide an additional multi-disciplinary character to the conference.

Plasma diagnostics play a crucial role in the process of optimisation of plasma production, heating and confinement. In Magnetically Confined Fusion (MCF), the use of advanced diagnostics for plasma control is becoming more extensive and will be essential for the envisaged long pulse operation of next step fusion burning experiments. In Inertially Confined Fusion (ICF) significant diagnostic advancements haye been made in areas such as core mix diagnostics and ultrafast imaging of the imploded plasma.

The most recent advancements and state of the art in both MCF and ICF diagnostics will be represented at the conference through a number of keynote and topical lectures. The core of the conference programme will address a few selected topics where i) a significant link between MCF and ICF can be established and/or ii) significant progress has been made or is expected.

The topics for the main sessions are:
1) Next steps in ICF and MCF experiments,
2) Diagnostic requirements for future experiments in ICF and MCF,
3) Neutron measurements,
4) Optical and X-ray diagnostics.

One or two sessions on contributed papers on miscellaneous topics are also planned to encourage a broad conference attendance, especially from young researchers. A book of proceedings (collecting all papers presented at the conference) will be published through a commercial publisher to ensure wide dissemination.

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