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Brain and behaviour


Two large and well-recognised European scientific societies, the European Brain and Behaviour Society (EBBS) and the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS), have decided to organize for the first time a joint meeting in Marseille from September 8 to 12, 2001. The venue will be located Palais du Pharo in the centre of Marseille. While usually organising their general meetings on their own every two years, the choice of proposing a major joint conference will be a unique opportunity to attract leading experts in the general area of brain and behaviour research as well as younger scientists in the field.

The particularity of these two societies, which occupy a leading position in the international scientific community, is their long-lasting interest in the relationships between brain activity and behaviour. EBPS focuses on the pharmacological aspects whereas EBBS focuses on the functional aspects. Among other topics, there will be symposia on socially relevant issues such as drug use and addiction, neuro-psychiatry, the physiological foundations of cognitive decline or the restoration of function, as well as on more basic research fields such as the pharmacology of memory, attention processing, emotions and their relationships to cortical activity, or the neurobiology of syntactic processing.

Overall there will be 27 symposia (each made up of four presentations), three workshops and six plenary lectures. While keeping in with the highest standards, the organisation of the meeting has been thought in such a way that younger scientists be in a position to present their work to senior researchers. This is why there will be two poster sessions during which 300 presentations are expected. Also, several symposia have been organized with the explicit idea that they should involve oral presentations by young scientists.

Because we think it is important for scientists from eastern European countries as well as from less-favoured countries to at tend the meeting in Marseille, we have made a large advertising of the event in these countries. The overall cost of the event will be about 270000 Euros. We request the EC participation only for funding young scientists (both at doctoral and postdoctoral levels) to allow them to attend the meeting.

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