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Strengthening Global Practices for Protecting Nuclear Material


Security reviews in Europe and overseas (e.g. EUROPOL, EURATOM, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), World Customs Organization,US FBI, US Department of Energy, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission) agree that the international community will have to establish effective measures to counter acts of nuclear and radiological terrorism (1-3). While international standards for the Material Control and Accounting (MC&A) of nuclear materials have been inscribed into uniform and obligatory regulation, commonly regarded as "safeguards", there are no equivalent standards for the physical protection (PP) of nuclear materials. Various studies have revealed a dearth of information on and of consistency in practices across states (4). International standards for PP are recommended by the IAEA, but there is no consensus on following them in practice. This necessitates the identification of the underlying reasons, as well as that of cost-effective, scientifically sound ways of standardization in PP practices. Furthermore, recent developments in security- and information technology, logistics and computer modelling offer new opportunities to strengthen practice for protecting nuclear materials from theft and sabotage. The six-day conference with the incorporated hands-on training and parallel industrial exhibition will provide for a comprehensive exchange of information on state-of-the-art threat analysis, threat control and accompanying technological solutions between leading technical experts in the field, young researchers and industry.

The conference scientific and technological objectives are: - Raising awareness about the need to strengthen international efforts on PP; - Providing young researchers access to leading experts and practically applicable hands-on-experience in the PP- field; - Demonstrating state-of-the-art analytical approaches and technological solutions in PP to scientists and regulators;

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In University Of Salzburg, Austria