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The aim of this Summer School is to teach young post-graduate students the innovative scientific and technological background to approach pollution prevention for industrial processes from the chemical standpoint. The European chemical industry is addressing environmental problems in the effort to solve them and at the same time to improve the safety and the environmentally acceptability of its processes.

Until recently the emphasis was placed on end-of-pipe remediation of environmental damage, rather than preventing it through smarter processes and more selective chemistry. The development of alternative clean syntheses for important industrial chemicals allows defining Green Chemistry as the use of chemistry for pollutant source reduction, and is aimed at sustainable chemical development and environmental protection. Its goal is to improve the quality of life and the competitiveness of industry.

To this end, significant challenges are available for chemists to design new less polluting syntheses. Much of the training in this area initially came from within companies, but now graduates who possess these skills have a competitive advantage. Teaching will cover the following basic themes (Industrial Processes, Alternative Solvents, New Feedstocks and Products, New Reactions and New Synthetic Methods), and special topics selected according to the availability of the teachers. Three main focus areas can be indicated.

1. The use of alternative synthetic strategies for green chemistry, such as: catalysis and biocatalysis, atom efficient processes, natural processes (photochemistry, biomimetic synthesis), alternative feedstocks.

2. The use of alternative reaction conditions for green chemistry, such as: use of solvents that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment, increased selectivity and reduced wastes and emissions. 1. The design of chemical that are, for example: less toxic than current alternatives, inherently safer with regard to accident potential.

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