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15th iac symposium


Cyanobacteria (Cyanophyta, Cyanoprokariota, Oxiphotobacteria ) constitute a phylogenetically coherent group of phototrophic bacteria with chlorophyll a. Cyanobacteria make a significant contribution to global primary productivity in oceans and lands and become locally dominant primary producers in many extreme environments such as hot and cold deserts, hot-springs and hipersaline environments. Blooms of toxic cyanobacteria are important features for the ecology of many eutrophic fresh and brackish bodies of water. The study of their metabolic activities, diversification, and utility as well as experimental and biotechnological models, is continually developing.

The 15th IAC Symposium is intended to provide:

a) A place for presentation and discussion of current research and recent advances on the field,
b) To co-ordinate efforts and avoid repetitions,
c) To exchange new techniques and experiences
d) To promote the leadership of European research in the field.

Call for proposal

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Avinguda Joan Xxiii S/n
08028 Barcelona