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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Ischia Advanced School of Organic Chemistry - 10th Session


The main goal of the proposed Euroconference IASOC - X is to bring together the best, most innovative investigators in the various fields of synthetic organic chemistry in order to debate the latest developments of the following topics:
i) homogeneous catalysis, with emphasis on enantioselective catalysis;
ii) combinatorial chemistry, applied to both drug and catalyst discovery/optimisation;
iii) synthesis of complex bioactive compounds, both from the academic viewpoint and from the industrial perspective. The field of organic synthesis is currently experiencing exciting changes as new methods emerge to make more complex compounds, more quickly and efficiently.

The choice of these tightly connected topics has been carefully made in order to cover many areas of chemistry and relevant highlights from neighbouring disciplines. Pharmaceutical Companies are increasingly demanding the preparation of enantiomerically pure products on large scale, stimulating organic chemists to device new reactions, new reagents and new catalysts to run reactions in a chemoselective, regioselective and stereoselective way.

Recently, the horizon has moved to explore new synthetic strategies: thus, combinatorial chemistry has emerged is a powerful tool in the process of drug discovery, which has been significantly accelerated. Combinatorial processes in the development of enantioselective homogeneous catalysts constitute a new branch of catalyst research. On the other hand, the concern of chemists has shifted to modern topics like atom economy and environmentally friendly processes. The proposed Euroconference IASOC - X is based on an extremely timely project and the number of prominent scientists from all around the world who are being invited to illustrate the most up to date discoveries in the elected topics will guarantee the success. There is no doubt in our mind that the proposed Euroconference IASOC - X will be a major scientific event that will maintain, and even exceed, the high quality of previous IASOC meetings, offering the young European Chemists an invaluable opportunity to improve their own knowledge in organic synthesis and related disciplines.

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This event takes place in Ischia Island (Bay of Naples)


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