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Structural ceramics and ceramic composites for high-temperature applications


Over the past thirty years outstanding efforts and resources have been devoted to research in ceramics, particularly for high-temperature structural applications such as turbine blades, heat exchangers, and diesel engine components, all of significant impact in modern technology. Improved fabrication procedures and novel materials have resulted, understanding of the properties-microstructure relationships has been achieved, and tentative models have been proposed, all leading to a better knowledge of the fundamentals and potential applications of ceramics in modern technology. Fracture, creep, slow-crack growth, and anelasticity are important mechanical properties at high-temperatures. These properties are strongly sensitive to environment (atmosphere, temperature, etc.) and therefore knowledge of the interaction of the environment and these properties is particularly appropriate.
We can consider the field mature enough for a deep exchange of ideas on the subjects mentioned. The proposed activity is an excellent opportunity to bring together world experts to exchange ideas and produce a prospective look into future developments. The participation of young researchers (in particular European) is one of our objectives, as they will be the main characters of this future development, and will be the promoters of the much needed industrial links.

Three topics will be specifically developed:
1) Modeling of Classical Systems (1 day);
2) Environmental Effects on Non-Oxide Structural Ceramics (1 day), and;
3) New Materials and Techniques (2 days).
The format will be based on keynote lectures, and experts debates, followed by some selected oral contributed presentations. Ample discussion will be promoted.

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