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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Euro Summer School "Cosmochemistry. The Melting Pot of Elements"


The distribution of elements in the cosmos is the result of many different processes in the history of the Universe, from the Big Bang to present times. It provides us with a powerful tool to study the physical conditions of the primordial cosmos, the physics of the nucleosynthesis processes that occur in different objects and places, and the formation and evolulion of stars and galaxies. Cosmochemistry is a fundamental topic for many different branches of Astrophysics and requires elements of different areas of Physics.
The current availability of very large ground based telescopes, space telescopes and new detectors is providing us with new possibilities; to obtain more complete, better and deeper observational data to study the chemical composition of lainter and more distant objects. The very large telescopes allow us to obtain high signal-to-noise spectra of key objects as, for example, faint Galactic metal-poor stars, extragalactic massive stars and HII regions, and young galaxies and pristine clouds at high redshifts. The use of space telescopes is providing new data on traditionally forbidden spectral ranges increasing the number of observable lines of atomic species and molecules. The high spectral resolution of both space and Earth-based observations (thanks to the development of Adaptive Optics) is strongly contributing to improve the quality of the data available. Undoubtedly, all this wealth of new information is increasing spectacularly our knowledge of the chemical composition of the universe, its formation and its past and present evolution. The aim of this School is to review in a single event the tremendous observational and theoretical improvements experienced during the last decade in different areas of Astrophysics tightly related to Cosmochemistry.

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This event takes place in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)


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