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Egas 2002


Atomic spectroscopy is one of the most important and rapidly developing branch of modern physics, effecting greatly the development of other fields, and having numerous and novel practical applications. The EGAS conference traditionally addresses a number of modern scientific issues at the highest scientific level. The recent achievements of satellite observations of the stars, laser produced plasma, hot plasma in thermonuclear devices, and other spectral sources emitting, absorbing, or scattering light, are directly connected with the problem to analyses the spectra of atoms and ions.

The spectra are from the far infrared to the X- ray wavelength region and carry information about the atoms and ions, the characteristics of the media and the processes in them. Atomic spectra are the basis of knowledge of atomic structure, and contribute significantly to the development and verification of fundamental quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics.

The scientific objects of the conference are: to make public the newest scientific results in the field of atomic spectroscopy and in its different social and industrial applications; to exchange the latest results and ideas; to provide high level training of young scientists; to attain further development of the quality of the European atomic spectroscopy society.

The conference is non-profit making and its programme covers all aspects of spectroscopy of atoms, ions of different stage of ionisation, and small molecules, as well as atomic spectra in the low and high temperature plasma physics, lasers, astrophysics, environment, medicine and other fields connected with optical spectra. Special attention will be paid to laser spectroscopy, coherent and non-linear phenomena, to laser manipulation of atoms, ions and small molecules, leading to cooling of the species and Bose-Einstein condensate. The interesting and important to our knowledge of Nature studies of parity-nonconservation and time evolution of the fundamental constants is also a subject of the conference.

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