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This application is for a Euro summer school on modern Electron-Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. EPR is the most effective tool for structural and dynamical characterization of paramagnetic substances. It is used in a broad range of research fields such as stable and transient free radicals, metalloproteins and metalloenzyms, radiation damage in DNA, heterogeneous catalysis, new materials, nanostructures, semi-conductors, and excited states. EPR spectroscopy is also very active in the areas of complex fluids, self-assembled systems, membranes and proteins, are investigated through the introduction of spin-labels.

With the recent exciting advances in the Human Genome Project it is expected that EPR spectroscopy will play a significant role in the characterization of the structure and function of metal sites in new proteins and in enzymatic reactions involving radicals. EPR spectroscopy has witnessed during the last 15 years tremendous methodological and instrumental developments primarily in the directions of high field EPR and pulsed EPR.

These include multi-frequency, multi-resonance and multi-dimensional experiments, in the spirit of the developments that revolutionized the field ofNMR spectroscopy. These advances increase considerably the information content of EPR measurements and have therefore impacted various areas of chemistry, materials, physics and biology.

The objectives of the school are to disseminate modern EPR methodology to the scientific community through its young researchers. It will effectively expose young scientists to the newest methodological and instrumental developments in EPR spectroscopy along with novel research applications, and it will give them the theoretical tools that are essential for the comprehension of the various techniques.

The specific topics the school will cover are: general theoretical background - the spin Hamiltonian and density matrix formalism, basics of relaxation in solids and liquids, electron-nuclear and electron-electron double resonance, electron-spin echo spectroscopy, Fourier transform EPR, time resolved and transient EPR, high field.

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