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Algebraic topology


The scientific objectives are mainly provided by research themes of the French GDR/CNRS number 1110 on Algebraic Topology, to which belong the organisers and about 70 French topologists working at Paris 7, Paris 13, Ecole Polytechnique, Nantes, Lille, nice, Strasbourg and elsewhere.

Our proposed event will follow immediately the Annual Assembly of the GDR at Nantes University. Research of this group is centred on present problems of modern Algebraic Topology, concerning mostly algebraic theories coming from the solution of the Sullivan conjecture (like Theories of Unstable Modules over the Steenrod algebra), Homotopy Theories with Models (like Rational Homotopy and Operades), MaClane homology, Cyclic homology and also Algebraic K-theory.

Presently we also open research to more geometric problems on quantum invariants of low dimensional manifolds and knot theory. Typical examples are the relations of Vassiliev invariants to universal LIE algebras, Hochschild cohomology and rational homotopy, or foliations and algebraic schemes and L2-cohomology and knot concordance.

Our proposal aims to intensify research cooperation of the GDR with two groups of European partners:

1) About 40 individual cooperate with topologists in SP Am (Barcelone, Malaga, Santiago, Granada), Belgium (Louvain-La-Neuve), Italy (Bologne), Switzerland (Lausanne, Neuchâtel) have reached a high level calling for regular research meetings.

2) Relations between the Mathematics Departments of Nantes and Duesseldorf (Germany), organised within the institutional framework of the German-French University (UFA), have led to close cooperation with Topology Seminars of Nantes/Angers/Vannes and Duesseldorf/Bonn/Wuppertal.

We want to associate them closely to our GDR. By organising regular scientific meetings of the resulting extension we intend to transform our GDR into a leading European research group in Algebraic Topology, and very soon create from this a European Graduate School in Algebraic Topology, in close cooperation with European Authorities and the German-French University.

Funding Scheme

SC - High Level Scientific Conference


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