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The basic aim of HADMAR'2001 is to present, summarize and further develop the latest trends in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics attempting to cover as completely as possible all aspects of marine engineering - vehicles, environment, coast, in their complicated interaction. This will be done not only to allow researchers in similar or related scientific fields to exchange ideas and experience but also:

- To introduce young researchers to the most up-to-date research methods and techniques in the field of fluid dynamics and to allow them to present their own developments and obtain an expert, evaluation by renowned scientists;

- To introduce people from the industry to the capacity of hydrodynamic research and development and to promote their implementation in practice.

While covering a wide application area, the Conference will highlight the following fields:

- Hydrodynamic Loads and Responses: behaviour and safety of ships and ocean structures under severe environmental conditions; loads on coastal structure and their impact on coastal zone management; utilization of the energy of the Ocean.

- Inland Navigation: efficient and environmentally-sound types of ships for the Trans-European waterway Rhine-Main-Danube; impact of navigation on river banks and structures; safety of inland navigation; transport efficiency and logistics of inland navigation; high-speed inland navigation.

- Advanced Vehicles: catamarans, surface-effect-ships, air-cushion vehicles, novel hybrid concepts; stability and safety; wake-wash.

- Information Technologies in Fluid Dynamics: advanced CFD-solvers; validation of computational results; CAD-CFD interface; modern technologies for data processing and transfer. The highlighted topics will be addressed by plenary sessions including keynote speeches and invited lectures of eminent scientists. The rest of the participants will present their works in poster sessions.



9003 Varna