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European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry -2001


The European Summerschool in Quantum Chemistry is the most important summer school in the subject in Europe (and in the world). It started in 1989 and has since then been given each second year. An extra school was held in the year 2000 in Italy, sponsored by Italian authorities. The number of students, who has participated so far is close to 500. The students (written) evaluation of the school has always been very positive. The goal of the school is to introduce the participants into modern methods and computational techniques in quantum chemistry. More and more scientists in different field of chemistry are using theoretical methods in their research, either as a technique per se, or as a complement to experimental work. As a result there is a growing need to acquire the background knowledge necessary for a skilful use of these methods. ESQC was started with the aim of disseminating such knowledge.

The emphasis of the school is more on understanding than on the technical aspects of methods, and much time will be devoted to the discussion of different electronic structure problems and the choice of appropriate methods for their solution. The duration of the school is 14 days and in 2001 the school, starts August 19. There are 31 lecture hours and 20 exercise hours. The following lectures will be given (lecturers within parentheses): Basis sets, Integrals, and SCF methods (R. Ahlrichs); Chemistry in condensed phases (V. Barone); Density Functional Theory (N. Handy); Energy derivatives and Geometry Optimization (T. Helgaker); Mathematical Tools in Quantum Chemistry (P.-A. Malmqvist); An Introduction to Second Quantization (J. Olsen); The Multiconfigurational Approach (B. O. Roos); Accurate Calculations and Calibration (P. Taylor); Coupled-Cluster Theory (P. Taylor); Quantum Chemistry at Work (M. Robb); Relativistic Effects and Effective Core Potentials (B. Hess).

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Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This event takes place in tjörnarp, scania


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