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Applied Mathematics in our Changing World, First EMS-SIAM Conference


This is the first joint conference of the European Mathematical Society, EMS, and the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, SIAM. SIAM is a North American, mainly US, based society, which however has worldwide many members outside north America. EMS and SIAM are currently discussing the next joint meeting. The European Mathematical Society covers all of Mathematics, pure, applied up to and including industrial applications. Since there is no society for applied mathematics in Europe EMS wants to bring together all applied mathematicians in Europe, especially the young ones and the very active researchers. For this reason the topics have been chosen very broadly. A main feature of the choice of applications is that these are modern applications, rather than classical ones. It was natural to do such an event together with SIAM, which already has a quite large membership among Europeans.

Key features of this conference will be: - applications of mathematics in the following 10 fields: medicine, biotechnology, material science, environmental science, nanoscale technology, communication, traffic, market and finance, speech and image recognition, engineering design (for a more detailed description of these fields, see the enclosed dossier) - 10 invited plenary speakers, one from each of the above mentioned fields, will deliver keynotes. All these speakers are world leaders, 5 will be Europeans and 5 from the US. - a key feature of the conference is the minisymposia. These will attract the very best active researchers together with their students. In a minisymposia a special topic will be discussed by experts giving the young researchers the opportunity to get the most recent results in this field on a top scientific level in a compact form. The selection of the topics is done twofold. The Program-Committee with organizers of minisymposia (top-down selection) but there is also a call for proposals for minisymposia (bottom-up). The Program Committee approves the proposed minisymposia. The deadlines for submission of minisymposia is 15 April 2001. Their titles will only be known by 31 May, 2001. We expect the tmr-networks will be organizing minisymposia. Contributed papers. There will be the possibility to present a contributed paper orally. This gives the young participants the possibility to expose themselves to the scientific community. It is envisioned that a minisymposium attracts young researchers in this field and that in a corresponding contributed session the young ones are exposed to the experts in the fields and get to meet each other. Poster sessions. There will be the possibility to present a poster.
The EMS will organize a brain-storming weekend, 4-6 May 2001 on the topic 'Applied Mathematics in Europe'. to this event we invite all mathematical societies in Europe which focus on some applications of mathematics, irrespective, whether these are member-societies of the EMS, and the member- societies of EMS. We expect that during the conference in Berlin we shall have a follow-up discussion. In which form will be decided in the May EMS workshop. More than 500 participants are expected. The conference will be held on the attractive Dahlem campus of the Free University of Berlin, where the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum (ZIB) is also situated. Up to now two prestigious conferences will be satellites meetings (see the enclosed dossier for more information).
More detailed information is given in the Proposal Description and the enclosed dossier.

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