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Euro Summer School on Biologically Influenced Corrosion


The proposed Euro Summer School in Microbiologically-Influenced Corrosion (Biocorrosion) aims to bring together young scientists and engineers from European Universities, Industrial Sectors and Research Organisations working in Member and Associated States with an objective to promote scientific understanding of a complex, multidisciplinary phenomenon such as corrosion of metallic materials in natural environments and man-made systems due to the activity of microorganisms present as biofilms on surfaces of these materials. The idea of organising such a School evolved from an ongoing collaboration between academic and industrial partners within BRITE-EURAM III Thematic Networks Programme on Microbially- Influenced Corrosion of industrial Materials. Although it has been documented that biocorrosion causes severe economic losses and often leads to considerable health and safety hazards in any Industrial sectors, the impact that biofilms can exert on the performance of metallic materials in a variety of environments is still not fully appreciated by engineers and academic researchers alike. Therefore, the scientific objective of the School is to present state-of -the-art knowledge of both fundamental and applied aspect of biocorrosion, including the review of the currently existing, as well as future, environmentally acceptable biocorrosion prevention and protection measures.
The core subjects covered by the syllabus will include Biofilms, Corrosion, Biocorrosion Risk Assessment, biocorrosion Mitigation and Biofilm and Corrosion Monitoring. Each core subject will provide a general overview with a specific focus on advanced sub-topics.
The programme has been designed to increasing the awareness of young researchers from a wide range of backgrounds who could encounter problems associated with biocorrosion in the course of their professional activities and to promote and encourage participation of young researchers in the Biocorrosion Networtk.
The proposed event is to run for 6 days from the 8^th until the 13^th July 2002 and will be hosted by the University Portsmouth in Portsmouth, UK using existing dedicated conference facilities. The latter comprises of a modern future theatres, accommodation halls and catering services, all in close proximity. The venue is a purpose created environment, designed to promote interactions between all participiants.

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