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International symposium on electro kinetic phenomena


The basic goal of the ELKIN conference is reviewing newest developments in the emerging fields of interfacial forces, new bio-mimetic or biocompatible materials and stability of bio suspensions determined via the electro kinetic methods. One of the specific highlights of this event is to disseminate the outstanding scientific achievements of M. Smoluchowski, the founder of the electro kinetic phenomena theory.

The conference has a multidisciplinary character comprising diversified topics such as colloid science, biophysics, biochemistry, medicine, environmental sciences, statistical physics, electrochemistry, etc. This is a unique feature of the conference, being the only one of this type in Europe. The concentration of specialists from various fields allows one to define and solve problems met in processes of large practical significance such as water and waste water filtration, membrane filtration, ultra filtration, osmosis, reverse osmosis, colloid lithography, DNA, protein and cell separation (affinity chromatography), bio fouling of membranes and artificial organs, immobilisation of enzymes, immunological assays, food emulsion and foam stabilisation, etc.

A precise electrokinetic's characteristic of biomaterials is essential for prediction and control of their biocompatibility, e.g. for titanium implants. A new application of particle deposition is the "colloid bar coding" technique which enables to encode libraries of million of compounds by using new fluorescent dyes. Apart from practical aspects, the conference also will induce a significant progress in our understanding of basic mechanisms governing the dynamic of colloids and bio systems. The conference is organised by the Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which is the leading scientific institution in Poland.

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