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School and Conference on Intersection Theory and Moduli


The project aims at the promotion of research in one of the important central areas of mathematics, which has recently also had some connections to theoretical physics.

This School is devoted to the geometry and intersection theory of moduli spaces in algebraic geometry. The study of moduli spaces is a central topic in Algebraic geometry, which has been very active over the last 30-40 years. Recently connections between the theory of moduli spaces and theoretical physics have emerged, leading for instance to remarkable predictions of intersection numbers on moduli spaces. At a foundational level the theory of moduli spaces leads naturally to the study of algebraic stacks.

A related problem, which is also partially related to theoretical physics is the definition and study of invariants of singular varieties, which should reflect the properties of "good" resolutions of singularities.
The School will give an opportunity to young researchers and established mathematicians to gain access to the area and interact with some of the leading experts.

The aim of the School, which is organized by three leading experts, E. Arbarello, G.Ellingsrud and L. Göttsche, is to survey the progress in the field and to introduce young researchers to the state of the art.


Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Trieste