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Biological Surfaces and Interfaces


The main aim of this conference series is to provide a high level introduction to an important and developing multidisciplinary research field. The conference series is directly aimed at enhancing the understanding of biologically important interfaces through the application of surface science and as such is expected to open dialogue and lead to collaboration between physical scientists, biologists and clinicians. This is a rapidly growing field, which is significantly under-represented within the European scientific community. While "traditional" surface science is already represented by a EURESCO conference series under the umbrella of the European Science Foundation (Fundamental Aspects of Surface Science) the scope of the planned series is well beyond the fundamental nature of the existing series. Surfaces within biological systems are extremely complex, stretching the capabilities of surface analytical techniques and presenting novel technical and scientific challenges. We feel it is important that young European researchers are ready to meet these challenges and we believe that a dedicated conference series will provide an excellent forum to drive forward this exciting interdisciplinary field.
Two meetings are outlined within the current proposal. Both will include key-note lectures to provide an overview of the field in its current state, as well as specific "foresight" topics which it is anticipated will make a strong impact in the near future. The first meeting in the series will introduce the complexity of biological interfaces and focus on the impact of "traditional" and novel surface science techniques within this field. Both surface analysis and surface modification aspects will be addressed.
The second meeting has been designed with a more applied nature. The concepts introduced in meeting one will be expanded upon in the context of surface design for specific applications, including: biomedical implant devices, biosensors and materials which encourage or prevent biomolecule or cell adhesion. The meeting will examine the potential of biomolecule-coated surfaces with novel properties for use outside of biology (e.g. chiral surfaces).

Through these two initial meetings, we intend to establish a firm base for future conferences within the series, with the theme "rotating" between more fundamental and more applied aspects of biological surfaces and interfaces.

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