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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Hodge Theory in a New Century: A Euro Conference celebrating the Centenary of Sir William Hodge (1903-1975)


Hermann Weyl's 1954 Judgement on Hodge Theory ("one of the greatest landmarks in the history of science in the present century ") has been well confirmed by fifty years of development. Hodge Theory is as the heart of Deligne's 1973 solution of the Weil Conjectures, and currently infinite-dimensional versions are fundamental for quantum field theory and string theory.
It now seems that Hodge 's insights on harmonic forms and cohomology are among the most fertile in all of recent mathematics, enriching geometry , analysis, number theory and physics. The objective of the conference, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir William Hodge, is to bring together some twenty major international authorities on the many aspects, achievements, and propects of Hodge Theory, to convey to younger researchers the current formulations and objectives of the theory. (One of these objectives is of course solution of the Hodge Conjecture, one of the seven "million dollar" Millennium Problems.)

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