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Euroconference on dendrimer soft self-assembly systems


The design, characterisation and manipulation of self-assembly structures over several length scales are currently one of the most important challenges facing materials science. In this context a Euroconference with backgrounds in synthesis, characterisation and molecular theory focused to the study of liquid-crystalline giant molecular systems, dendritic molecules, their building, blocks, their structures and the mesoscopic and macroscopic self-assembly behaviour of these entities. The overall scientific and industrial objective is to further understanding of the structure-properties relationships of these systems.

The particular objectives of the proposed conference series will address:
- Understanding the influence of molecular flexibility on the liquid-crystalline phase behaviour in hyper-branched systems;
- Understanding of the influence of mesogenic groups on the self-assembled mesomorphic phase behaviour in dendritic systems;
- Understanding the influence of nanophase separation on the self-assembled mesomorphic phase behaviour of dendritic systems and low molar mass analogues;
- Understanding the influence of symmetry, shape and chirality on the self-assembled mesomorphic phase behaviour of dendritic systems and their organisation on surfaces;
- Understanding and exploration of novel properties of metal containing liquid crystals;
- Understanding the lyotropic self-assembled mesomorphic behaviour of dendrimers.
The will allow the integration of dendrimer soft self-assembly materials into systems ranging from Potonic applications, among them light harvesting and light emitting configurations, to photo-induced electron transfer processes, and to nanobiological devices.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
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United Kingdom