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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Molecular Crystal Engineering


Solid state supramolecuar chemistry and crystal engineering are flourishing fields of research in modern chemistry practised by scientists with interests in the modelling, design, synthesis and applications of crystalline solids with predefined and desired aggregation of molecules and ions.
Modern crystal engineering occupies a precise place at the interface between the supramolecular and solid-state sciences. In this sense, it lies at the intersection of the top-down and bottom-up approaches towards materials design and fabrication. Solid-state supramolecular chemistry and crystal engineering are, therefore, highly interdisciplinary and attract contributions from many traditional areas: organic chemistry, inorganic and organometallic chemistry, theoretical chemistry and crystallography.
An ever-increasing number of scientists are directing their attention towards solid state chemistry both as a means of developing sophisticated devices, and to learn how to control self-assembly and molecular recognition. Implicit in all this is an attempt to understand fundamental issues of nucleation and crystal growth.
The two meetings are intended to foster the development of interdisciplinary research programmes in crystal engineering and solid-state supramolecular chemistry and to assist dissemination of results, "cross-fertilization", and generation of new "hybrid" ideas in the areas of molecular materials.
For these reasons we believe that a series of two conferences would provide a very useful and timely opportunity both for established scientists, willing to discuss recent results and to compare scientific strategies informally, and for younger scientists interested in learning where the frontier of crystal engineering are likely to be in the future. The selected speakers will provide a broad scientific coverage and a high level of conceptual cross-links between the two meetings.
The two meetings will cover two distinct, though strictly related, fundamental aspects of modern crystal engineering, namely:
- "Design and Preparation of Molecular Materials" where the focus will be on making and using molecular crystalline materials;
- "Evaluations and Predictions of Solid State Materials Properties" where the focus will be on understanding and predicting solid state properties.
The enthusiastic support received by the speakers listed in the tentative programmes (who have all guaranteed participation even at this early stage of the organization) is a very good indication of the timeliness and impact of the proposal.

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