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Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries


The scientific / technological objective is a faster dissemination of progress in advanced Information Technologies in the maritime industries and a cross-fertilisation between suppliers and operators of maritime structures (ships and offshore platforms). Advanced techniques are e.g. virtual prototyping/virtual reality, artificial intelligence (e.g. expert systems), machine learning (e.g. neural nets), robotics and internet use. The industrial challenge is managing a growing integration of systems while improving at the same time user-friendliness and distributed concurrent engineering Advanced systems for planning and operation in shipping may stimulate similar developments in shipbuilding.

Advanced virtual reality applications in shipbuilding may stimulate similar developments in ship operation. These are just two examples for potential cross-fertilisation. While participants come from various backgrounds, the common denominator is a focus on the specific problems and resources of the maritime industries.
It is expected that the event will again bring together most leading research groups from academia and Industry in the EC. The cross-fertilisation should spark ad-hoc research ideas and core groups for EC research teams reflecting the appropriate international and interdisciplinary mix. It should also serve to identify areas where specific additional training is required.

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Type of Event: Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Hamburg