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Life within Boundaries - Membranes & Compartments in Biology


Compartmentalisation, or separation of specialized functional units into distinct structural entities, represents a universal concept in biology. Cells use membranes to segregate intracellular events from one another and from the outside, and to form an inter-connected network of specialized compartments. The goal of the 3rd EMBL Ph.D. Student International Syrnposiurn "Life within Boundaries - Membranes and Compartments in Biology" is two- fold:
1) to highlight a contemporary view on the dynamic structure and integrative function of biological membranes and compartments within the context of complex cellular architecture and;
2) to facilitate interaction between European young researchers and scientists working at the cutting edge in the field.

The symposium will focus on the origin and biophysical properties of membranes, transport and signalling across membranes, and on supra-cellular compartmentalisation. The insight into structural and dynamic aspects of intra- and supracellular compartments within the framework of post-genomic studies on the functional and spatio- temporal organisation of protein networks, ensures the timeliness of the meeting. Due to contributions from fields as diverse as biophysics, bioinforrnatics, evolution theory and developmental and molecular cell biology, it will be beneficial in providing an up-to-date overview of the topic chosen and will stimulate the development of novel ideas from the adjacent areas of research.

The symposium is organized by a team of EMBL Ph.D. students and is aimed to attract young European scientists from diverse fields of research. Lectures given by keynote speakers, a panel discussion, a poster session and informal communication and discussion between young researchers and leading scientists will promote an advanced training of the younger generation of European scientists and strengthen high-level scientific collaborations on a European scale.


Type of Event: PhD Euro Conference
This Event Takes Place In Embl, Heidelberg