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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Fundamentals of modern methods in biocrystallography


This course will be focused on Macromolecular Crystallography, by developing the fundamental theoretical concepts of Crystallography and illustrate these by tutorial and practical sessions.

This is particularly important due to the rapid development of this field and also due to the fact that many young researchers do not receive a formal education in Crystallography. Additionally, with the introduction of high-throughput methods, the need to understand and grasp the theory behind modern methods will certainly be critical to overcome the difficult problems that will arise and will not be solved by the automated procedures.

Topics of the course will run from fundamentals such as symmetry, point groups and crystal systems, basic diffraction physics, reciprocal space and the Ewards sphere, radiation damage, data processing, symmetry in the diffraction pattern, structure factors, Patterson function to developments on methodologies regarding the molecular replacement, SAD, MAD, MIR and maximum likelihood phasing, direct methods, density modification, refinement, model building, twinning and structure validation.
Spreading knowledge and good practices at state-of-the-art level is particularly important in the rapidly expanding Macromolecular Crystallography community. A firm knowledge of the fundamentals of crystallography is also a prerequisite to fully and efficiently exploits large-scale facilities such as synchrotrons.

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