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Content archived on 2024-05-27

High-level training on electron liquid model for young researchers


The School will be devoted to the electron liquid model - the simplest model that allows one to study the effects of the Coulomb interaction between the conduction electrons of metals and semiconductors without the complicating influence of the crystal lattice. The electron liquid model provides the basis for our understanding of diverse phenomena such as superconductivity, magnetism, and the fractional quantum Hall effect. It has been an extremely active area of research in the last two decades.
The School will bring together experimentalists, computational physicists, students, and experts in the "traditional" analytical theory of the electron liquid. The Course will feature in-depth reviews of the status of our understanding of the electron liquid, both from theoretical and experimental points of view. Novel results, which have accumulated over the past two decades, will be presented to the audience in an organized and pedagogical fashion.

The following topics win be covered:
(1) The Landau Fermi liquid phase and its breakdown;
(2) Monte Carlo methods;
(3) Electron liquid theory and density functional theory;
(4) Quantum phase transitions and broken symmetries in the electron liquid;
(5) Dynamical correlations and electromagnetic response functions;
(6) Novel phases in the two-dimensional electron liquid;
(7) Edge dynamics of a two-dimensional electron liquid: the Luttinger liquid;
(8) Layered electron liquids and other artificial structures;
(9) Spin correlations and spin transport in electron liquids.

The objective of the School is to disseminate the results of twenty years of research on the electron liquid, to introduce young researchers to a field of growing importance in condensed matter physics, and to draw the charts for future explorations of the subject.

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Type of Event: Euro Summer School
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This event takes place in Varenna (Lake Como)


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