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Pumps, electromechanical devices and systems applied to urban water management


The PEDS 2003 conference to be held in Valencia (Spain) was born with the idea of bringing two worlds together. On one hand, the academic and mechanically oriented perspective of the IAHR, founded in 1935. On the other hand IWA, probably the largest water association in the world; more focused on application and with many members from the water industry.

Sustainable water development is becoming every day a more interdisciplinary matter, and one of the clearest examples can be found within the urban context. Two collectives stand out, on one hand, civil engineers, traditionally linked to water and, on the other hand, electromechanical engineers, responsible for most of the elements in the urban water supply and sewerage systems. The PEDS 2003 conference will provide a common framework to share experiences, and approach water management from a wider perspective.

A great effort has been done to gather a prestigious and balanced scientific committee that will guarantee the quality of the programme. The main role of this committee will be to referee abstracts for final acceptance as papers. The committee has 27 members from 15 different countries (including 15 members from 6 European Union countries). All of them are renowned Professionals and researchers.

GYPSI (Growing and young Professionals Support Initiative)

The International Water Association decided to create the GYPSI program during 2001. PEDS 2003 will be the first event in which the GYPSI program will be implemented.

The basic idea behind GYPSI is to allow young Professionals to actively participate in international conferences and congresses. Allocating some time in the conference to "gypsi" individuals and obtaining funds to cover registration fees and travel expenses accomplish this.

The GYPSI program will take form in the PEDS 2003 conference, with the active participation of at least 40 young Professionals. The organization has already allocated the funds covering fees, accommodation and half board for 10 participants. With EU funds, 30 additional European young researchers will fully participate in the conference by presenting a paper, with all expenses paid.

Allocation of funds will be subject to the submission of a paper and its acceptance, taking into consideration the quality of the presented abstracts.

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