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EU advanced course in integrated assessment methodology


An interdisciplinary advanced study course to train young professionals (researchers, policy-maker and policy analysts) from a wide range of disciplines and background in Integrated Assessment methodology as approach to address complex societal issues associated with the challenge of sustainable development.

During the last decade Integrated Assessment (IA) has become a rapidly evolving field. IA can be described as a participatory process of dealing with complex issues, which involves combining, interpreting and communicating knowledge from scientific disciplines and stakeholders, such that integrated insights are made available to decision-makers. The central question that underlies the course is "How to use IA-tools and methods in practise?"

The related aims of the proposed advanced course are:
- to educate young professionals on the state-of-the-art in Integrated Assessment;
- to train the participants to apply IA methodology in policy contexts;
- to provide the participants with the opportunity to enter an active interdisciplinary research community;
- to provide key players in the IA community with the opportunity to spot talents;
- to contribute to networking;
- to distribute the output of the course in such a way that it can be used independently for training purposes (compare the book that resulted from the first Maastricht study course on Integrated Assessment).

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Type of Event: Euro Summer School
This Event Takes Place In Maastricht