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Bionanotechnology is a new and rapidly developing interdisciplinary research field concerned with science and engineering at a molecular level. It aims to harness nanometre-scale devices made from, or inspired by biological components fuse in electronics, computer science, information processing, and the development of novel research techniques, biotechnology and medicine. Some countries within Europe, as well as Japan and the USA in particular, have made significant investments in Bionanotechnology, both in academe and in more commercial environments, to meet the intellectual and technical challenges being presented.

The objectives of this new EuroConference series are, therefore:

- To provide a programme of state-of-the-art research presentations by world leaders in biolanotechnology;

- To contribute to knowledge in this field by stimulating interaction and discussion between researchers;

- To encourage and facilitate collaboration between research groups, particularly across national boundaries within Europe, especially here activity in the area is still at a low level;

- To inspire young researchers to engage in interdisciplinary research at the physical / life sciences interface and to educate them about a wide range of research into molecular-scale devices.

The conference programme is based on the participation on leading researchers from around the world, but mainly from Europe, under the four main headings:
- Biomolecular Electronics;
- Novel Nanoscale Devices
- Biomolecular Photonics;
- Molecular Motors

The programme and residential arrangements are designed to promote interaction and discussion (which accounts for more than third of the timetable). Industrial participation will be encouraged and the conference programme will include up to three hours for the presentation of industrial perspectives.

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