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Content archived on 2024-05-27

FENS summer school on peripheral nervous system: from biology to disease


The FENS Summer Schools are designed to provide advanced training to young researchers. We propose a school to be organized by the Portuguese Society for Neurosciences. The course is intended for advanced PhD students or post docs who already have a scientific record. A total of 40 students will be accepted. The theme is the peripheral nervous system. Peripheral nerve is the subject of damage by a variety of insults; some conditions are genetically inherited while others are the consequence of external factors, including inflammatory and chemical stimuli and traumatic forces. Nerve damage, depending on its extent can have serious and unrecoverable consequences to the patient with total loss of functionality in the more severe cases; thus, peripheral neuropathies are a health problem in populations. In depth knowledge of nerve biology and pathogenesis is of the utmost importance for future therapeutical approaches in peripheral neuropathies. We propose to FENS to organize a Summer school on "Peripheral Nervous System: from biology to disease". Many Symposia and Courses are focused on the CNS, but few meetings and courses are held on the peripheral nervous system -PNS.

Topics in our proposal include:
(i)the organization;
(ii) development of the PNS;
(iii) Schwann cell biology;
(iv) neurodegeneration;
(v) regeneration and repair;
(vi) specialized functions;
(vii) peripheral neuropathies including disease states, animal models and gefle therapy.
An international multidisciplinary scientific advisory board organized the programme with expertises in the main selected topics, which will act as chairman in the different sessions. They include: S. Scherer, M. Filbin (USA), K. Jenssen, R. Mirsky (UK), H. Wekerle (Germany), P. Holzer (Austria), M.J. Saraiva, M.M. Sousa (Portugal).

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This event takes place in Ofir, Portugal


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