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Lascamm : a laboratory to promote applications of molecular materials in photonics


The host laboratory current research lines include : a) design and synthesis of luminescent, photorefractive and liquid crystalline materials; b ) characterization by NMR and single crystal and powder X-ray techniques; c) liquid crystals (nematic and smectic) characterization and design and fabrication of devices based on rnesophases; d) photorefractivity in amorphous organic and in liquid crystalline materials. The available equipment includes : spectrophotometers and diffractometers (FT -IR, UVNIS, NMR, MASS, single crystal and low-angle powder X-ray), DSC- TGA, optical and electron microscopes, optical set-ups with CW and pulsed lasers. The fellow should be competent in at least one of the following areas:
1 ) preparation by solvent deposition or spin coating and investigation of the morphology of thin films and determination of their emission properties; preparation of simple electrolurninescent devices and evaluation of their electro luminescent spectra, brightness, life time and stability;
2) characterization of charge transport, dark and photoconductivity in organic amorphous materials;
3) Design and build-up of optical devices and set -ups based on photorefractive materials. The applicants should posses a PhD preferably in the general area of chemical and physical sciences. No applicant shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, marital status, religion, creed and disability.

Funding Scheme

BUR - Bursaries, grants, fellowships


Via P.bucci, Department Of Chemistry
87030 Belsito