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Microelectronic opto mechanical systems in campania felix


The Research Institute on Electromagnetics and Electronic Components (IRECE) is located in the wonderful bay of Napoli. The Department of Electronic Components is a small yet dynamic research group involved in the modeling, design, fabrication and test of silicon-based optoelectronic devices for communication and sensing. The scientific level of such activity is witnessed by the over 100 papers published in the last few years. Scientists at IRECE (35 yrs. old on average) come from various fields (electrical, electronic, mechanical and material science engineering, physics). They all have responsibilities of one or more research topics, and have plenty of space for organizing their own work. With the recent acquisition of new technological facilities (PECVD, RIE, sputtering, RTA, e-beam evaporator , a small clean room for photolithography and wet etching) IRECE now aims at starting a full in-house activity in the rapidly expanding field of Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems. Of particular interest to the group is the development of innovating active optoelectronic devices including moving membranes and cantilevers. The group therefore seeks two post-doctoral fellows having hands-on experience in the design/fabrication of MEMS. Extensive clean room process experience (either bulk or surface micro machining and/or thin film deposition and/or wet/dry etching) is desired. Basic knowledge of the design principles and fabrication techniques of integrated optical devices would be appreciated. The fellows are expected to take the responsibility of one or more of the named technological facilities, and him/herself to make proposals for new research topics. The staff will offer the fellows a warm and friendly welcome within their group and the full participation to all of their scientific activities Equal opportunities are guaranteed to applicants.


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Via diocleziano 328
80124 Napoli

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