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Palladium catalysed reactions of per-halo-fluoro-aromatic and heterocyclic systems


At Durham, we have a long-standing interest in the chemistry of highly fluorinated aromatic and heterocyclic systems and a wide range of nucleophilic substitution, perfluoroalkylation and photochemical rearrangement processes have been established. To date, the exploration of Pd catalyzed processes involving a variety of highly fluorinated aromatic/heterocyclic systems remains relatively unexplored even though application of typical palladium catalyzed reactions, such as Heck, Stille and Suzuki coupling processes, have been widely developed for use in general aromatic/heterocyclic chemistry. In this proposal, we aim to explore the use of palladium catalyzed reactions a variety of appropriately fictionalized highly fluorinated aromatic/heterocyclic systems.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


South Road, Science Laboratories
DH1 3LE Durham
United Kingdom