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Subsurface near-critical water in hydrothermal systems: possible source of upsurge of thermo-mechanical solitary waves


The project focuses upon multidisciplinary (naturalistic-theoretical-experimental) studies of the thermo-dynamic behavior of near-critical water existing in the subsurface of hydrothermal systems and here considered as source of upsurge of thermo-mechanical fluid fronts The host group will benefit significantly from the applicant's knowledge of fluid mechanics, geological field work and experience with multidisciplinary research gained in France during the initial Marie Curie Fellowship and later in Japan, in co-operation with naturalists, theoreticians and experimentalists. The applicant's expertise in the said diverse areas will facilitate exchanges between the host experimental group staff and other local scientists whose field of study covers geology, geophysics and geochemistry. This multidisciplinary aspect of the project will fit in with and will contribute to the advancement of the CIRITA institution (Interdisciplinary Centre of Industrial Research and Environment Techniques, Faculty of Science, Univ. of Palermo) which has recently been proposed to encourage co-operation among scientists from different backgrounds.


Viale Delle Scienze
90128 Palermo