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Asylum migration from people's republic of china in the united kingdom, germany and the netherlands


Since the middle of the 1980s, the European Union Members States are confronted with new waves of Chinese migrants coming from the People's Republic of China. They reach States were important and old Chinese communities five (France, United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands). These migrants come in and/or sojoum illegally or with a precarious statute. They develop also an important mobility in Europe. The illegal nature of this migration prevents a good knowledge of this population. Nevertheless, it appears that the majority of them becomes " Asylum Seekers" , specially in The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. Asylum applications became one of the preferential way of entering and sojourning for the new Chinese migrants. They confirm the link between immigration and asylum which appeared with the closing of European frontiers. Chinese asylum applications' analyse is today one of the best way to know these new migrants and their migratory processes. In the other way, quantitative, qualitative and comparative study of their Asylum applications seeks to illuminate the reasons underlying Chinese asylum-seeker's choice of country of refugee, specially in relation with asylum policy. We will concentrate our research around three points : -Socio-demographic profile of Chinese asylum seekers in the three countries -Chinese asylum seekers migratory processes (including asylum application and its connection with illegal migration networks) -Asylum policy and reception of asylum seekers as a factor in explaining the patterns of destinations for Chinese asylum seekers

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