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Electroweak one-and two-loop radiative corrections to fermion pair production


With the next generation of colliders around the corner theoreticians are pressed to satisfy the ever Increasing demand for high precision predictions in the Standard Model of particle physics. I propose to give my special attention to two selected topics within this framework.
1. Electro weak one-loop radiative corrections to top pair production at a future linear electron-positron collider with a special emphasis on the decay products of the top pair, leading To a six-body final-state. Based upon the tool DIANA - which after specification of the various Feynman rules in a given gauge generates all the relevant Feynamn diagrams in symbolic notation Designed for further algebraic manipulation - the calculation can be subdivided into various parts. Factorizable diagrams can be identified and one-particle irreducible loop-corrections can be Calculated in a modular manner for various topologies, such as self-energies, vertices and box Diagrams. Similar methods will be applied for non-factorizable diagrams. This project shall be Manifest in a Monte Carlo generator ready to be used by the experimental community.
2. Two-loop QED corrections to Bhabha scattering including finite electron masses. Real and Virtual corrections will be calculated separately. As reference cross section to measure the Luminosity experimental relevance is guaranteed.


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