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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Physics of nano-structured quantum devices


The objective of this project is to develop new nano-devices based on single self-assembled quantum dots for applications in optical quantum technology. The focus is to go one step further compared to what has been achieved so far: precise control of the position of quantum dots in the nano-structures, active control of the interaction of quantum dots with modes of optical micro resonators, and investigation of the optical properties of more complex structures with high spatial resolution. One part of the project investigates the correlation of photon emission from a single quantum dot (pumped optically as well as electrically) in order to generate highly non-classical light. New means to increase the light extraction efficiency will be developed to obtain a better single photon light source. This would be an ideal tool for quantum cryptography and quantum computing applications . Another new technique aimed at in the project is to actively place a quantum dot in a micro disk cavity in order to achieve strong coupling which enables many applications in quantum technology devices. Additionally, near-field scanning optical microscopy will be applied to get a detailed quantitative analysis of the interaction of a single quantum dot with a micro cavity mode. A second part of the project is the fabrication of a cantilever with a single dot at the tip . This device would be a very versatile nano-tool to study light-matter interaction on the nano-scale in a great variety of systems.


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