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Femtosecond laser-generated xuv radiation in clusters


The objective of the project is a detailed study of the generation of XUV radiation in laser-generated plasmas, created by the interaction of an intense femtosecond laser with clusters. In order to have a signature of the processes involved in the plasma formation and in the XUV generation, the energy and angular distributions of the charged particles will be measured with a new 2D imaging detector capable of detecting very energetic electrons and ions (up to 1 -2 kEV). The XUV generation depends both on laser parameters and cluster characteristics. One of the main characteristics of the clusters is their size. Usually the size of the clusters can be varied by playing with the jet parameters, but the distribution of the cluster sizes make it difficult to study size effects. We propose an experiment in which the clusters are mass-selected so that we can make experimental studies with clusters of a determined size. This in conjunction with the 2D imaging techniques will allow us to study the plasma formation and the resulting XUV generation with unprecedented detail.


Kruislaan 407
1098 AJ Amsterdam