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New metal catalysts for alkene metathesis


Alkene metathesis constitutes an useful reaction for fine chemistry and Polymerisation. In the last decade this reaction has become a powerful tool because of the discovery of well-defined efficient new metal catalysts. The main objective of the project is the search of more efficient catalysts for these reactions and specially for the preparation of polymers from functional cyclic olefins by ROMP process. First, in situ Ru catalysts will be prepared with the bulky ligand imidazolin-2-ylidene for polymerization of cyclooctene and norbornene. Attempts will be made in parallel to understand the real nature of the catalytic species. Catalysts precursors derivatives of Fe, containing a bidentate or tridentate nitrogen ligands will also be prepared, and will be evaluated not only in ROMP polymerization but also in cross-metathesis between a simple alkene and a functional olefin. This innovation will deal with the introduction of a carbene source on a coordinative unsaturated metal moiety stabilized by bulky ligands. All intermediate catalytic species and polymers formed will be tried to isolate and characterize in order to improve and optimize the catalysts and the reaction conditions. The fellowship will provide training in a multidisciplinary team (organometallics, catalysis, polymers, and combinatorial catalysis optoelectronic materials). The work will involve multiple synthesis of organic molecules, of a variety of ligands, metal complexes, catalysts, oligomers and polymers and their characterization including GPC, TGA, DSC, and high level spectroscopies. In addition, the unit provides expertise in optics, biochemistry, and material science. This training, in addition to skills acquired to date, will provide the applicant with an excellent blend of new skills of interest for industry in a range of market sectors e.g. Pharmacy, cosmetics, catalysis, polymers, and analysis. The group will benefit from the very good knowledge and experiences of Dr Castarlenas which are complementary to those of the group. He has gained a strong experience in synthesis and characterization of metal complexes which will be a useful strength to develop new catalysts and the project.


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