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Genes regulated by rhd6 during root hairs development in arabidopsis


Arabidopsis roots hairs are a good system to study cell differentiation and morphogenesis in plants. The study of their development is also of great interest because of their putative function in nutrient assimilation. Recent works in the receiving institute have identified RHD6 as a putative transcriptional regulator specifically expressed in root hair cells and essential for root hair development. Thus, RHD6 may regulate genes involved in root hair development. We propose to use genome arrays to identify genes that are regulated by RHD6. In a first step, RNAs from wild type and rhd6 roots will be compared. In a second step, we will identify the direct targets of RHD6 by using the GR-dexamethasone system to analyze RNAs regulated by the induction of RHD6 expression in the rhd6- background. Selected isolated genes will be studied by in situ hybridization and reverse genetic approaches. This project in root hair development will allow me to increase my knowledge in plant development. The field of research is sufficiently important to allow publication in journals of high impact. I already have a good background in molecular biology and plant biology that will allow me to contribute greatly to the host group program on root development. However, the project will allow me to practice genome arrays and some cell biology techniques (including in situ hybridization) that are new for me. The John Innes Center is a top class-training site for post doctoral researchers that will allow me to assist to and to present many seminars and to have contacts with a large community of plant biologist. This will be important to increase my competences in this field of research in the aim to postulate to positions in public research.

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