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Statistical mechanics of self-generated glassiness in nonlinear lattices and josephson junctions


The local group in Crete has expertise in the Statistical Mechanics of discrete nonlinear systems and has introduced some basic ideas in the area. The group in Zaragoza predicted the existence of Discrete Breaterin Josephson Junction arrays that was subsequently confirmed experimentally by two groups in Germany and US. The proposed joint work involves the study of the statistical mechanics of Josephson systems with specific emphasis in their glassy properties. There will be direct expertise transfer from the applicant to the Cretan group in what regards theoretical and numerical techniques specific to Josephson Junction arrays, as well as the reverse transfer in statistical mechanical methods. The groups at Creta and Zaragoza have common interests as well as a high degree of complementarity; both occupy a leadership position in their fields at their respective countries and at international level. The project focuses on important thermodynamic properties of high-tecnology systems from a very innovative perspective. The Cretan group is specializing and it has a long successful research history in nonlinear dynamics of macroscopic systems, They have not worked in the past on Josephson Junction systems, which is one of the main focus of research in the Zaragoza group. Our expected joint workings this area will lead to a specific transfer of knowledge and expertise to the local group, which in addition to commencing work in this more applied area, will directly acquire theoretical and numerical techniques available in the study of JJ networks. This transfer syntonizes with the local interest in Crete in the direction of Materials research as shown by the initiation of a brand new Materials Science department at the University of Crete, with which the local group collaborates strongly


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Vasilika Vouton
71110 Iraklion