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Content archived on 2024-05-24

New forms of political representation and legitimacy in european cities. proposal for a comparative research


Under the pressure of globalization, European integration and the restructuring of national States, cities are becoming essential elements of an emerging European polity. But as European cities are institutionalizing as major political actors and spaces, their internal political functioning is transforming. New types of actors and groups are emerging and the relationships between actors involved in policy-making processes are transfonning. Our post-doctoral research will deal with the new patterns of political representation and legitimacy that are emerging along this process of transformation of policy making. In a context of territorial competition, public-private coalitions have emerged in cities in order to build collective strategies. Those coalitions associate public institutions but also actors and institutions of the "civil society": chambers of commerce, business interests and employers associations, unions, civic associations, social movements, universities, and foundations. We can observe a process of political pluralization in European cities that sees different kinds of institutions, groups and elites participating in cities governance coalitions In this post-doctoral research, we would like to examine the nature of legitimacy and the conception of representation that enable those new actors and institutions to step in the governance of European cities. For this we would like to investigate the sector of urban regeneration policies. In this perspective, the Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures will provide the adequate place to acquire the methods of urban policy making processes analysis. In this post-doctoral research at the Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures, I will benefit from the research experience of major researchers in the field of urban policies and urban governance. I expect from my post-doctoral research an extension of my ski1ls in articulating various empirical research methods, both qualitative and quantitative. Furthermore, the Center for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures is in charge of several research contracts with local governments that can provide adequate occasions to better know the British local governance system. It would provide an enlargement of my expertise on European cities that is for the moment limited to France and Italy. The impact for the Center FURS of my post-doctoral research would be,
first, the participation of an experimented researcher in the current contracts of the institution;
second, an improvement of the center expertise on urban planning and urban regeneration policies in other countries, mainly France and ltaly;
third, the building up of a research network associating SURF and my original institution.


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