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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Development of neuroprotective leadstructures derived from neuropeptid qynad


Genopia Biomedical GmbH is a European biotechnology company focused on -Drug Development and Target Discovery -Protein Interaction Screening -Rational Designed Protein BioChips We are currently offering two fellow positions/looking for two individuals (1 postgraduate, 1 postdoc) with background in protein-chemistry and hands-on experience in one or more of following techniques: 2D-electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, functional characterization of proteins, pull-down-assays and immuno- precipitation, protein biochip technologies. In close cooperation with our R&D partner institution at the University of Ulm the candidates will be involved in cutting-edge research with world leading experts in neurophysiology in area of multiple sclerosis and ion channel research. Their task will be the investigation of neuroprotective peptides: Identification of target proteins; Isolation of precursorpeptide; Screening of a peptide library; Electrophysiological testing of peptides. Genopia will offer the fellows active support during their stay and the experienced research group at the University of Ulm will provide a sound scientific basis.


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