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Modelling of fine fibres forming in hot turbulent multiphase flow


Saint-Gobain, a leading materials company (glass, ceramics, plastics) and first in the world in insulation, is offering two successive fellowships positions jointly with the European Commission (Marie Curie Industry Host Fellowships scheme) to model the forming of fine fibers (micron scale) in hot turbulent multiphase flow. Studied phenomena are the stretching of glass fibers and their interaction with binder droplets.
1. Modeling the interaction of a single fiber with a hot turbulent jet (1st fellowship, 2 years) Two approaches will be considered in this part:
First approach : modeling by using drag coefficient and heat transfer coefficient : determination of these coefficients in function of the average velocity and turbulence intensity through mathematical modeling and numerical simulation ; validation through comparison with experimental data obtained on the trajectory and diameter of fibers using a specific device developed by Saint-Gobain.
Second approach : modeling of the interaction between a very fine fiber (diameter < 10 microns) and the eddies of the gas jet by mathematical modeling and numerical simulation.
2. Modeling of several fibers, interaction between fibers and binder droplets (2nd fellowship, 2 years). Interaction between fibers; between fibers and binder droplet; determination of the droplet break-up model when a binder droplet impact a fiber; numerical simulation using Lagrangian or Eulerian approach.
1^st profile : post-doctorate researcher having pursued doctoral studies in the theoretical modeling of turbulence. Experience in multiphase flow and heat transfers would be appretiated.
2^nd profile : post -doctorate researcher having pursued doctoral studies in the modeling of multiphase flow Experience in numerical simulation of diphasic turbulence would be appreciated. English is required. Both fellows will stay at the R&D Centre of Saint. Gobain (270 persons), located near Paris. They will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment and acquire direct experience of an industrial activity. The training will include an overview of the company, visits of industrial plants and several stays in external high level scientific laboratories collaborating with Saint-Gobain.


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