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Development of an automated quantitative plateform for histopathology : tissue imaging with multiparametric analysis in cancer


A position is opened in the company's research and development department in close cooperation with the UMR 147 of the Research Section of the Institut Curie, Paris. The fellow will work between the two research groups; one specialized in hardware development (fluorescence microscopy, digital image analysis, applied mathematics, computer sciences), the other working in human tumor biology (cytogenetics, molecular biology, pathology). The fellow will be in charge of developing new approaches for analysis of human solid cancer markers in fundamental research and routine pathology. His/her work will be :
1) To find and to improve experimental procedures for tissue slide preparation of tumor samples to optimize marker detection;
2) To develop image cytometry approaches. Starting from the currently developed scanning system of the company, he/she
a) defines the improvements/modifications to be performed to solve specific problems associated for each marker;
b) interacts with the instrumentation team to develop the hardware/software modifications;
c) tests the resulting solutions. Excellent skills are required on computer assisted microscopy, cell biology or pathology and tissue sample preparation for immuno histochemistry or FISH techniques. The working location is in the center of Paris.


Rue Notre Dame Des Champs, 60
75006 Paris