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Centre for comparative research in social welfare


Applications are invited from doctoral students in the social sciences who are conducting research into aspects of social exclusion within a qualitative cross-national European perspective. Successful applicants will be able to spend up to 12 months at the Centre for Comparative Research in Social Welfare within the Department of Applied Social Science at the University of Stirling, Scotland. The Department is multidisciplinary, bringing together staff with expertise in sociology, social policy, housing studies and social work research. In the most recent national research rating exercise within the UK the Department of Applied Social Science has been awarded the highest possible rating for research in its field. Students will be individually supervised by one or two members of staff who are specialists in investigating social problems that potentially lead to processes of social exclusion (e.g. homelessness; long-term unemployment; poverty or disability), and in policies aimed at social inclusion. Apart from help with fieldwork conducted in the UK, students will benefit form training offered by the University (e.g. on the use of relevant advanced software packages), by the University's Graduate School (e.g. specialist training course) and by the Department of Applied Social Science (including the option of attending all or specific units within the MSc in Applied Social Research, particularly in qualitative methods and comparative cross-national social research). Students will be located within the Centre for Comparative Research in Social Welfare. Thus they will join other doctoral students engaged in cross-national social research, benefit from academic experience in the field and gain access to relevant research resources, including a database on literature on methodological and theoretical aspects of cross-national research in the social sciences. The selection of candidates will be based on academic criteria and on the fit between the student's chosen topic of doctoral research within the multi-dimensional field of social exclusion and research expertise available on the part of supervisory staff at Stirling University.

Funding Scheme

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